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English 9 Syllabus

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September 7, 2007
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British Literature Syllabus

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10th Grade Syllabus
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Huron High School
Ms. Chow

Welcome to English-10! Here is one of my favorite quotes:

??I hungered for books, new ways of looking and seeing. It was not a matter of believing or disbelieving what I read, but of feeling something new, of being affected by something that made the look of the world different.?
~Richard Wright, Black Boy

As we study literature this year, I?d like you to keep this quote in mind. I would love for you to all walk away with a hunger for books. It is my hope that the works we explore will allow you to experience new things, come into contact with unfamiliar cultures and societies, and will challenge you to see the world through someone else?s eyes. More importantly, I hope that the literature we read will help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your own life. With that said, let me give you an idea of what to expect from English this year.

Course Texts
Butler, Kindred
McBride, The Color of Water
Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night?s Dream
Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
Twain, Pudd?nhead Wilson
Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
Various short stories, poems, and essays

Class Routines
1. Be prepared!!! Come to class on time with your binder, notebook paper, a pen (blue or black ink), and a pencil. As soon as you enter class, you are expected to sit down in your assigned seat and begin your work. This is also a good time to make sure you have the correct homework assignment for the day.
2. Be respectful of others and the property of others. This includes Ms. Chow?s classroom supplies.
3. Refrain from eating and bringing drinks to class; water bottles are okay.
4. You are given four homework passes and four hallway passes per quarter?use them wisely. If you need to leave the room after you have used up your hall passes, ten points will be deducted from your grade.
5. When you are absent, see your class?s ?while you were out? folder for the work you have missed.

Course Expectations
1. It is suggested that you keep your course materials, notes, handouts, etc. in a binder (also referred to as your notebook). Your English notebook should have a separate section for vocabulary, grammar, and each reading/writing unit. Within those units, your notes, handouts, returned papers, tests, and quizzes should be kept in chronological order. As we finish a unit, I will tell you whether you can remove that section from your notebook but PLEASE make sure you keep old notes at home. YOU WILL NEED THEM LATER IN THE YEAR!! Notebooks will be given a grade each quarter.
2. Do your homework!
3. Participate in class. You are expected to listen actively during and contribute to small and large group discussions. In addition, you are expected to take careful and thorough notes, regardless of whether there are detailed notes on the board.
4. You will be expected to read several books besides the ones that are assigned to you. Do not worry, though, you will be given class time to do this. Every Friday, we will spend most of the class time reading a book of our choice. More information on this will follow.
5. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to show me your wok when you return and to schedule make-up tests when you return within two school days. Remember, you are given almost all of your assignments in advance and you can always refer to the class website for information on homework. I am always pleasantly surprised by the student who has his or her work on time even when he or she was absent the day before.
6. You are expected to cooperate with your classmates and your teacher. When you are acting inappropriately, you are given three chances to correct your behavior. If you are given all three warnings, you are expected to do a lunch detention with Ms. Chow. Failure to complete a lunch detention will result in a deduction of twenty points from your grade.

Grading Policy

1. Your grade is determined by the number of points you earn divided by the possible number of points you could have earned.
2. Your semester grade will be calculated as follows: First quarter = 40%, Second quarter = 40%, Final exam = 20%.
3. Tests are worth 100 points as are major writing assignments. Quizzes are less than 100 points. Homework assignments and class work are usually 10 to 20 points each.
4. Late homework is accepted but is not given full credit. If the homework is late one day, it is given 75%. If it is late two or more days, it is given 50%. Incomplete homework is given 50% but may be completed for full credit. All late and incomplete homework is accepted until the current unit is over. *If we go over the answers in class to an assignment that you did not fully complete, you will only receive 75% for it.
5. Vocabulary quizzes are given regularly and are worth 50 points. If you earn less than a C-/35 points on a vocabulary quiz, you may recover the points by writing sentences with EVERY vocabulary word covered on the quiz, with the help of your notes. I will also drop the lowest vocabulary quiz, if dropping it makes your grade higher.

20 correct sentences = 25 points
15-19 correct sentences = 20 points
10-14 correct sentences = 15 points
5-9 correct sentences = 10 points
< 5 correct sentences = 5 points NB: Points added on not to exceed a grade of 35

6. You are allowed to revise writing assignments for a higher grade. Revisions are due within one week of being handed back if you want the points added straight on to the original grade. If revisions are received after one week, your writing assignment grade will be an average of the original grade and the revision grade.
7. Grades for writing assignments, projects, and other long-term assignments are reduced one half grade step (A → A- or ~ 4 points) for each day they are late. These assignments will be given no higher than a C range grade after two weeks and no higher than a D range grade after three weeks.
8. Your grades should not be a mystery to you. I update them online, on my website on a weekly basis. You should also keep track of your own grades and keep your grade record in your notebook. Your password is your student ID number.

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